Virtual Numbers

A Virtual Inbound telephone number is a great way control your inbound business calls by managing where they are routed to.  Calls can be routed to any UK telephone number – landline or mobile. Anvil’s management platform for virtual numbers offers great versatility and clever processing of your inbound business calls. With access to a user portal you can adapt and monitor routing and activity without the cost of buying and maintaining a PBX.


Virtual Numbers

How does it all work?

With a simple Virtual Number service, you can route inbound calls to a mobile phone (or a landline) and if unanswered, then it would go to a second person who can answer. If isn’t, then the inbound call can go to voicemail inbox. Voicemail greetings can be personalised. Routing can also be controlled by time and day. For example, out of business hours, calls can be sent immediately to voicemail or an audio message.

Voicemail and Missed Call alerts are sent automatically, ensuring that no inbound call goes un-noticed. From the portal all the inbound calls received can be reviewed.

Virtual Numbers (1 - Diagram)

Never miss a call

Calls can be routed to multiple handsets with a choice of: ring all handsets simultaneously, ring in a pre-determined sequence, ring on a round Robin basis or ring based up the percentage of calls taken so far for workload balancing. A voicemail service can also be used if preferred or if all handsets are busy.  Calls are answered by the time of day and day of the week. Calls can be routed to up to 7 different destinations with different call routing for out of business hours.  Voicemail can be set up with your standard message and with an out of hours’ message for when the business is closed.

Know who’s calling you

You can choose to see the number (CLI) of who is calling you OR the Virtual Number that they called. We can also add in a “Whisper Announcement” that you hear as soon as you answer the call so that you can respond appropriately. You can have multiple virtual numbers and associate a whisper announcement that only you hear with each number. This is to help you or your staff answer the call correctly. This may be to answer as the correct location such as “XYZ company London office here” or to identify specific marketing campaigns.

Pre-Connection greeting

A greeting message can be played to the caller with a customised announcement such as “calls may be recorded”.  The caller can also be presented with options such as press 1 for Sales, press 2 for Accounts, press 3 for Support—up to a maximum of 9 options.

User portal

Each of our customers can choose to have access to our intuitive and easy to use Portal where they can change call routing, as and when required. Once the service has been setup you can change routing and timings to suit your business and life through the intuitive and simple to use Anvil Number Manager Portal. We’ll show you how to use the portal during a short webinar, but you don’t have to be a techie to be able to manage how, when and where your calls are routed to. In addition, you’ll have access to a range of tracking and reporting information on inbound calls. In fact, Number Manager is available across all devices, from Android to iOS as well as any PC or tablet – so you really are in control.

Combine with our Landline on a SIM service

Add an Anvil land line number on a SIM and calls can be delivered to this mobile phone for less than the cost of diverting to a standard 07xxx mobile number. Once you have taken a call on your landline SIM, you can then hold the call and transfer it to a colleague. Just like an extension on a switchboard, but without the cost of buying and maintaining a PBX.

Another example of how Anvil’s Virtual Number can work well is when you have different office locations as well as home workers and mobile workers.

Inbound calls are routed to all handsets at the same time. To prevent callers getting the busy signal, multiple concurrent inbound calls can be allowed and a queuing service could be set up as well.

In addition, we can add the option for each destination handset to be able to choose to accept or choose to reject a call depending on whether they can pick it up or not.

These are just a couple of examples of straight forward routing options. Effectively this service offers the sophisticated capabilities of a PBX system without the cost of the equipment or installing multi-channel fixed lines (ISDN). The virtual number can go with you wherever you go. Features and functionality can be added as the need is required and your business grows.

These examples above are just a couple of straight forward routing options. Since this service effectively offers the sophisticated capabilities of a PBX system without the cost of the equipment or installing multi-channel fixed lines (ISDN) it is possible to scale and manage call routing to match exactly what you need. We can add IVR options – this is when the caller is given a list of options, for example, press 1 for Sales, 2 for Support, 3 for anything else.

Virtual Numbers (2 - Diagram)

Furthermore, the virtual number can go with you wherever you go. When you move office or your geographic location, you can ‘take’ the virtual number with you.  As your business grows so can the features and functionality of your telephone system.

There’s so much that can be achieved with Anvil’s Virtual Numbers, you might want to give us a call to discuss your particular requirements and how they would be achievable.