Local Lettings Landline SIM

Local Lettings

Posted on 25-05-2016 , by: Mary Philip , in , , 0 Comments

Local Lettings is a successful lettings agency based in Wigan that is keen to expand into the surrounding regions.  The company wanted to present a strong local image but without the major cost of opening up new offices until the business was more established in each area. That’s when Local Lettings turned to Anvil Mobile. It used an Anvil Mobile Simply Smart SIM to set up a local Wigan landline number on a mobile phone; but then asked Anvil to provide four other local geographical numbers for Burnley, Bolton, St Helens and Chorley that ring on the same mobile handset. “Anvil allows us to market and promote our services and properties using local numbers, without having to establish a physical presence or pay for separate landlines with diverts,” says Christian Duff, Operations Manager at Local Lettings. “What’s more, Anvil provided a great service to get us up and running. As a small business, it is always good to feel like a valued customer.”