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The Anvil Intelligent Mobile is ideal for businesses who rely on mobile communications, and want to enjoy the benefits of a true ‘on the move’ business telephone system. Whether that is because you are literally moving from place to place, work at home, carry out site visits, or need the flexibility of having your business number to hand wherever you are, then Landline on a SIM is ideal for you.


Landline Number on a SIM

With a local landline number on a SIM card you can run your business from wherever you are. This next generation Anvil service provides much more flexibility than a fixed line or a normal mobile. You can hold and transfer calls, use hunt groups* to make sure a call is never missed and any voicemails are delivered to your inbox as an email attachment.

If a call goes to voicemail having it arrive in your inbox means that you will always have a record of the call and you can store it permanently on your computer or forward it to a colleague. You can therefore listen to the voicemail on your computer as well as your mobile phone.

A primary geographic number with the area code of your choice, is assigned to your SIM and, if you needed it, up to a further 9 additional inbound numbers can be added. This is useful if you want to cover multiple geographical areas

The SIM works in any unlocked GSM or 3G phone to give you a landline in your pocket.

*A Hunt Group is when the inbound call goes first to one number and if not answered or is busy, will automatically route to a second or third number, allowing a colleague to pick up the call and respond to your customers.

It also works in GSM Deskpones.

Call Recording

These days it can be important to be able to keep a record of your calls and we offer three levels designed to match your environment.

Recording Basic – simple call recording, with a low monthly cost, where all inbound and outbound calls are recorded and then emailed to you. This can give an accurate record of commitments made by either party – for example, a quote for some Landline number on a sim business manextra work, a customer’s agreement to a fee, an explanation of how a particular work issue is going to be tackled are just a few examples.

Recording Pro – Again, all inbound and outbound calls are recorded. They are stored on a secure server and you or your Compliance Officer has access to a portal to view and download calls. The recordings are kept on the server for 30 days but if you need longer storage this is possible too.

Recording ProPlus – With access to a different portal that gives a greater level of detailed analysis, call filtering and searching. For example, you can locate calls that contain specific content. This service is currently in Beta testing and should be available in the Autumn of 2016. This site will be updated with more information when the service is launched.

To read and see more about the portal for call recording and what you can use it for, please download our information sheet.

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