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Landline numbers on a mobile phone for builders and contractors

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New service from Anvil Mobile helps contractors and building maintenance companies

For small businesses such as building contractors and property maintenance firms that rely on mobile communications, a new service offered by Anvil Mobile makes it possible to have one or more geographical numbers on a single mobile phone. Having multiple landline numbers covering different areas all going directly to the same mobile greatly improves customer perception and image; while local numbers can be promoted on business cards, websites, advertisements and directories as well as displayed on vehicles.

Having local or non-geographic numbers such as 0844 direct to a mobile also saves money as there is no need to divert calls; and incoming callers are only charged at the standard rate for land line numbers rather than for calling a mobile. Calls to other employees’ mobile phones are also charged at landline rates, providing further cost savings.

Ladbroke Grove-based Greenlife Contractors, a family business set up to offer eco-friendly and sustainable building services from loft conversions and extensions to new build projects, uses the Anvil service for a flexible and reliable way to receive calls from his clients and new customers. With an Anvil Mobile local phone number, all incoming calls go directly to his mobile phone at landline rates without having to set up diverts.

“As we are establishing a new business in a competitive market, it is vital that we don’t miss any calls,” said Ben Kola, owner of Greenlife. “It also means that we can advertise a local landline number on our web site and advertising material that looks better than using a mobile number.”

Similarly, Geoff Edwards runs a successful property maintenance company in south west Wales, for both commercial and domestic customers.  The nature of his business means that he is always travelling across the region but needs to be available to take calls from his customers – particularly if they have an emergency. By using Anvil Mobile, Geoff has a freephone number as well as two local landline numbers for Carmarthen and Kigetty all going to the same mobile phone.

“Anvil makes sure that whatever number is used to call us, we are always available without costly call diverts,” explained Geoff Edwards. “And we are also able to promote and advertise local numbers across the regions we work that increases the number of new customer calls.”

Anvil Mobile simply provides a new generation SIM card that will work with any 3G compatible unlocked mobile phone. Anvil is an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) working in conjunction with the network operator 3, who offer the widest coverage in the UK, reaching 98.5% of the population. For high-quality and reliable carrier-grade fixed network support, Anvil has partnered with aql who have built a robust, broadband network providing nationwide coverage and access to some 40 million UK landline numbers.

Anvil also takes an innovative approach to billing through its ‘unbundled’ services. Customers simply choose the features they want and only pay for the calls and texts they actually use.

Multiple device ringing means that users can answer a desk phone or mobile whenever the number is called, whichever is the most convenient. Other features include the ability to send voicemail messages or recorded conversations – complete calls or selected passages – to a designated email address.

“We recognised that many small businesses and self-employed people rely on mobile communications but want to present a more local image in the areas they do business,” said Ian Philip, founder and CEO at Anvil Mobile. “Through our collaboration with 3 and aql, we are now able to deliver a range of flexible services that meet these requirements and also provide substantial cost savings.”


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